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Global Dairy Trade Price Index rose 2.2% at January 2 auction. Will the NZDUSD continue rising?

On Friday, cotton price updated the 3.5-year high. After that, a small correction started. Will the cotton quotes continue to decline?

In this review, we suggest considering the personal composite instrument (PCI) "Grain Index". It reflects the price dynamics of the portfolio of 4 popular grain exchange commodities. Will the Grain_4 quotes increase?

Cold weather in the US state of Florida may reduce orange crops. Will the orange juice quotes advance?

UK manufacturing and construction activity slowed in December. Will the GB 100 index decline?

Stronger euro is bearish for German stock market. Will DE 30 continue declining?

Improving industrial production and retail sales are bearish for USDJPY. Will the USDJPY continue the decline?

Improving German consumer confidence and French Q3 GDP upgrade are bullish for euro. Will the EURUSD continue the climb?

According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), world coffee exports increased by 13, 6% to 9, 94 million bags of 60 kilograms in November of the last year. Will coffee prices continue rising?

Continuing rains since late December in Argentine have resulted in floods, which may prevent farmers from finishing sowing and replanting of soybeans. Lower planting area will result in lower crop which is bullish for soybean. Will soybean prices rebound?