Weekly Market Overview (videos)

Currency rates fluctuations and price dynamics of other assets essentially depend on economic and political life in countries, industries and multinational corporations. Political, economic and financial news directly or indirectly affect the price dynamics. Therefore, regular monitoring of international news, publications of macro-statistic reports help in Forex and CFD trading.
Every week you have an opportunity to watch market overview on major world events with estimates of their influence on financial markets.

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US equities pulled back last week as trade war concerns intensified after President Trump indicated he considers imposing import tariffs on Chinese goods to trim US trade deficit with the Asian country. The SP 500 lost 1.2% while the ICE dollar index edged up 0.05% for the week.

The SP 500 ended lower every session except Friday last week. It slipped 0.1% Monday, followed by 0.6% drop Tuesday. The broad market index lost 0.6% Wednesday as retail sales fell 0.1% in February, the third straight monthly...


US stock market recovered last week as initial concerns Trump’s tariff proposals could cause trade wars receded. The SP 500 rallied 3.3% recovering from previous week’s 2.1% drop and the ICE dollar index gained 0.2%.

The SP 500 ended higher every session except Wednesday last week. It rose 1.1% Monday and 0.3% Tuesday as trade war fears subsided,...


US stock indices turned lower last week as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimonies revived fears of more aggressive rate hikes this year. The SP 500 fell 2.1% erasing previous week’s 0.6% gain and the ICE dollar index inched up 0.03%.

The SP 500 ended lower every session except Monday and Friday last week. It tumbled 1.3% Tuesday after...


US stock market recovery slowed last week as Fed meeting minutes revealed policy makers considered continuing rate increases this year. The SP 500 gained 0.6% and the ICE dollar index rose 0.9%.

The SP 500 retreated every session except Thursday and Friday after reopening lower Tuesday following Presidents’ Day holiday. It extended losses 0.6% Wednesday...


US stock market rallied last week erasing most of previous week’s losses as data assuaged fears US economy is overheating. Both the SP 500 and Dow industrial recovered after back to back weekly losses with the broad market gaining 4.3% following 5.2% decline while the ICE dollar index fell 1.4%.

The SP 500 closed higher every session last week. It...