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Live Stock Charts


Enhance your website’s user experience. Place Free Live Stock Charts Widget on your website and let your visitors monitor live quotations of the World's Most Popular Stocks in different time frames: from 5 minutes to 1 week.

Provided by IFC Markets

The Widget shows the historical movements of the market stretching back over the years. The Chart will keep you up-to-date on the Stock Market around the world.

In addition, IFC Markets offers the following specialized Live Charts:

How to set Live Charts Widget on your website

  1. Click on “Show/Hide Instruments” button
    and select the instruments you want to show
  2. Select the widget language
  3. Click on "Get the code" button and copy the code
  4. Paste the code on your website
    (exactly where you want the widget to appear)
Please Note
We have a rel="nofollow" tag towards the bottom of the code. If you would like to give us credit for using our widget, as the editor of your site, you can remove this tag: rel="nofollow". By removing the rel=”nofollow” tag, you help us keep these widgets FREE. Thank you!
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