Trader's Guide for NetTradeX Mobile Platform

  • Working with NetTradeX Mobile Platform

    The trading terminal gives the trader a wide range of possibilities for opening and closing positions with currency pairs, setting orders of different types, controlling accounts and receiving account history.

  • Opening Demo Account in NetTradeX Mobile

    To open Demo account you need to download, install and launch Trade terminal.

  • Activating Your Account in NetTradeX Mobile

    Now, you chose the settings for the program of the trading terminal NetTradeX.

  • Windows and Settings

    Current positions, trading orders are shown in information windows - «Positions», «Sum positions», "Orders". Reports (accounts and orders histories) emerging from the menu "Tools" on the functions of "Account history…" and "Order history….". Your requests for withdrawal is created in the window «Withdrawal». These windows called by bookmarks from the horizontal list at the bottom part of the screen. The bookmarks "Chart" appears in the list when the chart is formed. The terminal settings can be changed by the command «Setting» from the menu "Tools". Charts called by button "Chart" at the bottom of the screen.

  • Opening and Closing Position

    The position is opened through the context menu on the line with the selected currency pair by the command “Make deal” from the window “Quotes” or from another information windows and on the icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • Setting Position Orders

    If you want to close a position automatically on a certain price, then you have to bind special orders to the open positions. The order, which close an open position on a certain price with profit, is called "Take profit". The order, which close an open position on a certain price with loss, is called Stop loss". You can set two orders or one of them. A position with these orders is closed fully in all amount.

  • Setting an Order

    The position can be opened not by the current quotation but with the help of a previously set pending order. When the quotation of the currency pair reaches the level of the order price the position is automatically opened.

  • Opening a Chart

    To open a chart you should click "Chart" at the bottom of the screen. In the context menu you can choose a currency pair (function "Currency"), period (function "Interval") and the type of presentation (a function "Type"). In choosing any of the these options will be displayed chart.

  • Choosing the Mode: Balance and Lock

    When opening position by the market or by a previously set order you have to take into account the regime of the deal performance. The trading terminal has two regimes- balance and locking (“lock”).